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Dear Friend,

Social media is an amazing tool, but left unchecked it also has the opportunity to steal our joy, breed discontentment and distract from what’s important. As much as it connects us, it’s easy to feel empty too. Maybe you’re like us and have complained about this topic (guilty!), but haven’t really done much about it…

So, inspired by our own, individual 7-day Social Media Detoxes, curiosity, questions from all of you, and many conversations (read more about us here), we decided to put together a group of people who were interested in taking a break and exploring the feelings and habits that surround our social media use. If you’ve been considering a Social Media break, now is the perfect time to join others in this experiment. You are not alone.

We can’t wait to see what we learn with all of the data we gain from your experience with The Social Media Detox and share the results with you!

Mark your calendars for our next group starting on September 30th to October 6th, click the “sign up” link below, and answer all the questions to join in.

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Talk soon,
Leah & Valerie

About Us

We’re Leah & Valerie. And perhaps like many business besties, we met at a conference we were both speaking at in 2013. It was an instant connection!

Val lives in Pittsburgh and Leah’s on the other side of the US in Washington so when we get the rare treat to see each other, we’re up into the early hours because the conversation never stops. On the phone, it’s not much different. We’ve probably never talked for less than an hour, covering the full spectrum of topics from business, to marriage, to faith, and life in general in our conversations.

A few months ago the topic of Social Media started taking over our phone chats. It started with words like “algorithms” and “split testing” and evolved into the quiet feelings of our hearts and minds. What we knew for sure was that social media was impacting us and so many others we’ve come in contact with, and it wasn’t all good. We were both grateful for how it’s helped growth both of our businesses but at what price had we paid for it (and we’re not just talking about the ad money we’ve spent).

This led us to just try a 7-Day Social Media Detox, first Leah and then Val. We couldn’t believe what we learned! The more we talked about it, the more we imagined opening the conversations we’ve been having about Social Media up to you, and bringing you in to be a part of this with us.

But why stop there? What if we could gather information about all our results and feelings during and after a 7-Day Social Media Vacation. What if we could take everything we could learn from not just 2 of us but hundreds of us and share it with you?

This is that idea realized! We hope you’ll join us!


Valerie McKeehan Leah Remillet
Valerie McKeehan is the Founder & Creative Director of Lily & Val, a Pittsburgh-based boutique stationery and lifestyle brand, and author of the best-selling book, The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering. Leah Remillét is a strategist and international speaker, focusing on living your best life with purpose. Leah lives and loves in the mountains of Washington State with her hubby and their 3 kiddos.
@valeriemckeehan @leahremillet